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About Ari

"her poetry, a dance of her heart's truth - her presence, a warm hug, a gentle force of kindness that makes me feel whole," M. ArdenAri's daughter

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My High School English teacher made us keep a journal.  I felt like I'd been dragged in front of an emotional mirror, but it quickly turned into the best introduction to self-reflection my teen years were given.  I will always remember the day I made this entry, “I want to be a writer when I grow up – no, I am a writer now - when I grow up, I want everyone to know it….” 

Over the evolution of writing tools - from pen and paper to the manual typewriter, the electric typewriter, the word processor, the gigantic buzzing computer, the silent laptop, web pages, phone notes, and more - through it all,  I come back to my first true love;  a blank page with my pen in hand.  


My inspirations are life's deepest joys - My family and friends and my precious daughter who creates beauty through her art and her wisdom. I also cherish my time in nature and all it has to teach me - from snowboarding in the mountains to river kayaking, and all the adventures in between,  I have a blessed life. 

Now, I fulfill that high school sophomore’s proclamation with creating this website which you have graciously visited.  Perhaps it will lead to “everyone knowing” I am a writer – perhaps it will connect with only a few.  What is most important to me is the joy of writing and the opportunity to share it with you.  To my niece, Sabrina Avellan, thank you for helping me realize this dream.


To Your Joy,



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