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 These books  are penned under my birth name - Linda Wagner.

Changing it to Ari is ... well, another story. 

Calm Sea
faithful to my use.PNG

Faithful to My Heart

A nautical vacation turns into a quest for survival when the ship is destroyed

While some women wait for random moments to unfold and simply hope they have enough energy to respond, others strive to create their life circumstances.  Then there is that coming of age milestone when a woman finds what lies in her heart along with the courage to live it – Brooke Kent is such a woman.  She embarks on what she hopes will be a refreshing vacation, a new start after too much time with grief.  However, when the all lesbian cruise sails into a harrowing adventure, it asks more of Brooke than to be courageous, it demands she learns how to be vulnerable.    


Dispatches from Juvenile Hall:

Fixing a Failing System

what works and does not work

for the juvenile justice system

A revolutionary book that offers a fresh, bold approach to confronting juvenile crime. Crimes committed by teenagers create heated discussion over the societal factors that lead to juvenile criminality and the ways that public institutions are failing to curtail them. Now a team of experts with decades of collective hands-on experience present a book that cuts through the hype and paranoia to offer real solutions.

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